Hydroponics is the Future of Farming

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. Eliminating soil cuts down the risk of soil borne diseases and pathogens. Thereby enhancing the quality & quantity of the produce.

Smart Farm for the Smart Generation

Over years of research done by geniuses worldwide, we are now able to replicate nature by having 100% control on the environment required to deliver the most optium conditions for the vegetation to grow. Please do visit and witness the beauty from our FARM VIEWING GALLERY.

Bye Bye Pesticides

Our highly controlled environment ensures that pests and diseases have no access to our farm. NO pests mean NO pesticides nor any harmful chemicals. We maintain a Zero Pesticide policy under any circumstances.

Saving our most precious resourses - Water & Land

Hydroponic method of farming uses upto 80% less water as compared to traditional soil farming. Moreover, by growing vertically in multiple levels we can save over 80% of farm land.

Better Nutrition, Better Taste

Most of our greens are harvested at a Premature Stage know as Baby greens. They generally have higher nutritional values and superior flavoured tender greens. These are always Chef’s favourite.

Fresher than the Fresh

As our farm is located in South Mumbai, you can be rest assured that your freshest greens could be delivered to you within minutes from the harvest. Unlike traditional farm land produce which travels many kilometers and even days to reach your plate.

More than Organic

Currently Organic Certification is applicable only to Soil based farming. Internationally many agriculture industry experts consider hydroponic farming produce to be superior than organic farming.

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